Welcome to Chuck's Tubes & General Store

2016 Summer Season
Current Hours of Operation: Daily
we put our last group on the water at 4:30pm
*** Reservations are Recommended Click "Book Now" ****
Floaters park in our free lot, street parking, and nearby public parking and take a shuttle to Prince Soloms Park just above The  New Braunfels City Tube-Chute entrance for a two-hour (+/- ) river run to The Last Public Exit. Jump on a shuttle and return back to Chuck's Tubes and General Store. Check out www.chucktogo.com for are food selections.
Please Check Local Weather Conditions - You can always "Re-Book" your trip

If you are planning a float "Monday - Friday" we highly recommend using the
"Book Now" feature to insure we know you are coming :)

****No Children Under the AGE of 5**** NO Exceptions

Current Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday

Open at 11:00

(We put our last group on the water at 4:30pm & last shuttle at 7:00pm)

Try "Book Now"