New Braunfels River Rules

Don't Mess With Texas! There is no littering! Absolutely no glass allowed on the rivers! No Styrofoam or foam! There is a $250.00 fine for Styrofoam and a $100.00-$500.00 fine per glass bottle.  

No double tubes.  Inflatable devices may be no larger than 5 feet at its any point.

No jumping from bridges, dams, trees or cliffs. There is a $250 fine for jumping from bridges and you will be arrested.

Life jackets are recommended for children, as well as for weak or non-swimmers.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone of "legal drinking age" can drink while they are tubing. You must be floating on the river in order to drink on the river. As always, State Law applies everywhere. Drink Responsibly! Have a designated sober driver.

You cannot publicly consume alcohol before 12 noon on Sundays. However, you can at 12:01....

Coolers must have a locking mechanism on the lid (zipper, Velcro, cord or latch).

No volume drinking devices, like beer bongs, funnels, tubes, hoses, etc...

No containers under 5 fluid ounces are permitted. (This usually refers to the "Jell-O Shot" containers.) You can still take Jell-O shots on the river, but only in containers that are bigger than 5 ounces.

No alcohol allowed in River Acres, Last Tubers Exit, Cypress Bend Park, Hinman Island, and Prince Solms Park. Look for additional signage for exit and safety information.

Noise devices (radios and other devices) may not be audible beyond 50 feet.

Vessels on rivers may not be over 18 feet in length.

Inflatable flotation devices on the Comal River must be less than 5 feet in diameter or width at the narrowest point.

Limit of two tubes per person on the Comal River.

Canoes and kayaks may not use the Last Tubers Exit on the Comal River on weekends and holidays.

Do not get out of your tube and get onto the river banks... it is trespassing!

Dogs can tube too! You are responsible, though, for your dog at all times. Also, dogs can puncture their tube. There will be a $25 cash charge for your dog's tube should your dog puncture or lose its tube or if it gets stolen. Chucks Tubes has a "NO REFUND POLICY", so if your dog does not like River Tubing, there are NO REFUNDS!  Please note, there is a county ordinance for Comal County, that requires all dogs to be on a leash and a fine of up to $500 for dogs running loose.


** Chucks Tubes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. **